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Tasks like scheduling meetings, managing a CRM or helpdesk, collaborating on projects, conducting polls, or organizing emails can all be more productive and customized to fit your needs and that of your business. 

Let Office apps, add-ins, connectors, bots, and web parts take your average workday to the next level with a work experience tailored for you. On Better With, you can follow stories of businesses that are customizing the way they use Office and get inspired about how you can personalize the way you work.

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Track your expenses with Zoho Expense

The Zoho Expense integration with Office 365 makes keeping track of your business expenses even easier. Emailed invoices received in Outlook  are automatically converted into receipts and processed in Zoho Expense, streamlining expense submission, approval and reporting.

Alyssa works in sales and marketing for a coffee roaster that has just started supplying a nation-wide hotel chain. This means a lot more travel for Alyssa as she visits hotels in each region to secure the relationship.

Because she is the first point of contact for suppliers, Alyssa often gets their invoices emailed to her. But because she doesn’t deal with paying invoices, it’s inefficient for her to sort through her emails looking for invoices and forwarding them on – particularly when she’s on the road. To make her productivity tools really work for her and save her time, she uses the Zoho Expense App for Office 365.

The Zoho Expense App monitors Alyssa’s Outlook email inbox, and recognizes when she’s been sent an invoice. Then it manages those invoices in the way Alyssa has decided – it can flag them, move them to a specific folder, or forward them straight to her company’s finance department.

This way, her suppliers get paid faster and Alyssa can maintain one point of contact with them – without having to deal with any of the payment processing.

Access customer details with the iGlobe Add-in

The  iGlobe Outlook Add-in for Office 365 connects iGlobe CRM to Outlook, giving you access to iGlobe’s powerful contact management tools from inside your email client and ensuring your email communications are accurate and well-organized.

Stefan owns a growing business franchise brokerage that aims to open two new offices this year. Stefan’s business uses Office 365 and iGlobe CRM to gather insights and store customer information.

Now that Stefan’s business is growing, it’s even more critical that his sales team can keep customers’ details organized. That’s why Stefan’s business uses the iGlobe Add-in for Outlook.

With the iGlobe Add-in, Stefan’s sales team can immediately attribute emails to specific contacts in their iGlobe CRM, and relate emails to items in the sales pipeline. When they’re working on a specific client’s reporting in Excel or drafting a proposal in Word they can access crucial client information without leaving the program – meaning their customer communications are always correct and up-to-date, helping them close deals no matter where they are.

Gather feedback efficiently with Panda Poll

Create polls and gather information right from your SharePoint site using Panda Poll. Make a survey with up to five response options and show users real-time results once they submit their answer.  

Michelle leads the HR department at a technology firm and is organizing this year’s employee recognition awards. She’s already come up with some potential themes, but wants to poll the whole business. Rather than send out emails (which frequently get ignored) Michelle looks to customize Office 365 to perform the task.

The tech company Michelle works for uses SharePoint to collaborate and work on projects every day, so she decides to use Panda Poll for SharePoint.

Using Panda Poll, Michelle creates two polls with several theme options and potential event dates to display on the company’s main SharePoint site. Everyone can answer each poll and view a graph displaying the results, and Michelle can quickly make a decision on the most popular day and theme.

Translate faster with Translator App

Translator for Outlook is an add-in that enables you to translate email messages on the fly. It’s great for anyone who works in a second language every day and wants to read messages in their native language.

Susan is the communications and marketing manager for a travel booking website. The website features deals on hotels and activities worldwide, with information on the destination’s culture and history.

Working with the hotels and other providers, Susan often receives emails in languages she’s not familiar with. So rather than engage in awkward back-and-forward trying to clarify terms in languages that either Susan or her contacts aren’t familiar with, Susan uses the Translator App for Office.

This way when she receives emails in languages she doesn’t understand, the Translator App translates the email directly in Outlook, and a Susan can write a response in her native language and translate it back to the recipient’s language, all without leaving her email window or having to rely on awkward online translators.

Demonstrate your work with Code Presenter Pro

Seamlessly fit code demos into your PowerPoint presentation with Code Presenter Pro for Office. Showcase your computer code work and complete an easy to understand demonstration to others.

Carl is a C# Developer for a large IT company and volunteers for an organization that teaches high schoolers to code. Carl helps prepare lesson plans, which include worksheets and a PowerPoint deck for the teachers to present. These teachers might not be as tech-savvy as Carl is, so he needs to customize his plans to both provide students with what they need to know, and enable teachers to effectively deliver the lessons.

To communicate the lesson concepts to students, Carl always includes a code demo in the PowerPoint deck. Code Presenter Pro for Office combines the key features of a code editor – showing structure, classes, and comments – with the presentation features of PowerPoint.

With Code Presenter Pro, Carl can now quickly pull together powerful code demos that are both information rich and simple for students to follow. And as they integrate seamlessly into PowerPoint, Carl knows the teachers will have familiar tools to deliver a great lesson.  

Share reports with MailChimp Connector

Share email marketing data with your entire team more efficiently with the MailChimp Connector for Office 365. The connector allows you to directly receive a summary of your marketing mail campaigns to your Office 365 Group.

Molly is a marketing manager at an organic skincare company, who has been working with the product team on a series of promotional emails for a new line.

Molly is ready to send out the next email, but needs to update the product team and her marketing colleagues on how the campaign is going. She wants everyone to view the email marketing report quickly, so she decides to use the MailChimp Connector for Office 365.

Once the connector is setup, Molly can receive the latest marketing performance updates as notifications to the Office 365 Group, updating everyone on the project at once. Her team can view the data, make comments and have a discussion around the campaign report right inside Outlook where they spend their time working without switching context or applications.