iGlobe CRM realizes the dream of one workplace - Microsoft Office 365

iGlobe CRM Office 365, winner of the Office App Award in 2015, is more than just a CRM tool. It becomes a part of Office 365. With a familiar interface, iGlobe CRM enabled people to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. It’s so easy to use that your staff will actually use it!

The concept of “going to work”, arriving at a specific location and working on a specific task either as an individual or with the same group of people has changed. The “office” workplace is becoming a collaboration hub where employees meet “face-to-face” anytime anywhere and spend time connecting with each other. Work is increasingly occurring in teams, in shared space, both in or outside the "office". Microsoft Office 365 makes this possible. By breaking down communication and application barriers, and strengthens teamwork, iGlobe CRM and Office 365 will become your new integrated WORKPLACE.

iGlobe CRM Office 365 will realize the dream of one workplace, Office 365, where one click will do the trick. iGlobe CRM and the related Office add-ins focus on extending the capabilities of Office 365.  With Outlook-, Excel- and Word add-ins combined with a seamless integration to the Office 365 Planner, Groups, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Delve the iGlobe SharePoint Add-in is a true Office 365 extension. Work across teams and access e-mail, meetings, tasks, documents and pipeline through one integrated platform.

iGlobe CRM Office 365 are Plug & Play, easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable. You never have to change platform. Using a familiar interface with iGlobe CRM you can work from SharePoint Online, Outlook, Word, Excel or in Delve, Planner and Groups when working with the applications. Our motto is “one click will do the trick “.

iGlobe CRM Office 365 is available on any device, yes even on Mac and IOS and Android.

Business Insight

Great reporting capabilities in Excel & Power BI keeps you on target with real-time visibility into your business.

Microsoft Planner Integration

Manage your task in one place Office 365 Planner. iGlobe CRM Office 365 uses Microsoft Planner making it much easier to manage all your tasks in one place. Using iPlanner Pro you will be able to manage your CRM related tasks directly from Outlook.

Work directly from Outlook

Use Outlook and iGlobe CRM 365 together for scheduling, tracking, and emailing customers.

Seamless integration all the way from Outlook, iGlobe CRM and SharePoint.

Save document you receive from your customer by mail directly from Outlook to a SharePoint site that is connected to a customer in iGlobe CRM Office 365. This will also enable you to safely share documents with your customers. Get eMail2Sharepoint from the Office Store.

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See what others are saying –  a customer story - https://sway.com/9EETGhxPz109PV2Q

“We have just implemented iGlobe CRM in our company and we are very happy with it. It integrates with SharePoint seamlessly, and is easy to learn and use. iGlobe is very user friendly, but also has powerful back end access that allows for a high degree of customization. Additionally, Alon at iGlobe and his U.S. Partner have been very fast at responding to questions and helping with setup. The customer service has been excellent. Zero complaints!” - Kimberly Andersen, Easterseals New Jersey

“We purchased iGlobe CRM Solution because it was suitable to SharePoint for Microsoft Office 365. It was important for us, having our business application on one platform, and iGlobe is a perfect solution for us to build on. iGlobe staff has very good customer service. We are pleased that they've always been very responsive to our inquiries, especially helping us get started with everything.” - Line Boel, ARENA NORD

Special Offer

Get a 30-day’s free trial for 5 users. Should you decide to subscribe to iGlobe CRM Office 365 please contact info@iglobecrm.com to activate the subscription. It is a subscription based license of US $28,99 per user per month.