LawToolBox365 - Office for legal with deadlines

LawToolBox365 is a deadline management solution that empowers legal professionals to calculate rules-based deadlines, including deadlines in civil litigation based on rules of procedure for state and federal courts in 50 states. 

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Professionals with unique timeline needs can use custom calculators to build their own deadline templates that appear only for them. Through its integration with Outlook and Office 365 Groups, law firms and legal departments of any size can also create matters or legal projects inside Outlook to manage deadlines, document folders, calendars, notes and shared inboxes.

Using LawToolBox365, legal professionals can accomplish in minutes what used to take hours to do by hand. For example, when a user sets up a new matter or project using our rule-set for Los Angeles Superior Court, they can enter a date for when the "Trial Commences" and to instantly calculate over 50 deadlines that run off this single triggering event.


Enter trigger date to calculate corresponding deadlines

After calculating deadlines, legal professionals can add deadlines to team members' Outlook calendars and share select deadlines externally with co-counsel, experts and clients. LawToolBox matter-based deadlines in Outlook also work with any case management software that 2-way syncs with Outlook and are aggregated into various firm-wide and user-specific reports where users can in seconds get an overview of their day, week or month without ever leaving their Outlook Inbox.


View deadlines on your laptop or phone

The modern attorney needs instant access to deadline and matter information on all their devices. When a new matter or project is set up in LawToolBox365, users get for each matter or project: (i) a shared Inbox for aggregating case emails, (ii) a document folder enabled through SharePoint to store files in a secure platform with advanced sharing options and version control, (iii) a matter calendar, and (iv) a notebook for case notes leveraging OneNote's powerful and secure organizational tools. Law firms and legal departments using Office 365 will be able to take full advantage of powerful Microsoft security, collaboration, and business intelligence features. Then as trial approaches, open your LawToolBox365 matter in Microsoft Teams for team chat, access to documents folders, calendars and notes.


Open in full screen mode in Outlook for a larger workspace

Advanced deadline management is critical because missed deadlines are the number one cause of malpractice claims against attorneys. LawToolBox365 has been designed to handle changes in rules, deadlines, matter access, and team members. When you receive an email from opposing counsel or a notice from the court that an important event like the trial date has changed, attorneys can instantly recalculate deadlines and update internal and external user calendars using LawToolBox365.

Because LawToolBox has built these powerful productivity tools into Microsoft Outlook where legal professionals spend much of their work day, sharing deadlines and managing files and notes for complex legal matters has never been easier.

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