New Signature migrates to a digital approval process with DocuSign and Office 365

New Signature has one mandate – to delight their customer by applying technology to improve any business tool or process. But to help their clients get there, New Signature needed to step up their own processes. So they deployed DocuSign with Office 365, and vastly sped up their workflow and approvals process for contracts and other legal agreements. Gone are the traditional paper and pencil methods, replaced by a faster, trackable digital process. The result? World-class service delivery.

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Since 2003, New Signature has built a record of leadership by delivering exceptional technology and web solutions to their customers. But until recently, they were not taking full advantage of digital technology themselves. Many internal processes relied on paper and pen, and more than half their office space was taken up with locked filing cabinets and paper contracts. Then New Signature implemented DocuSign’s technology with Microsoft Office 365. By migrating to DocuSign’s purely digital approvals and workflow process, the company accomplishes in two minutes what might have taken weeks in the past. Now, they can focus on delivering world-class service.