officeatwork 365 and Office 365 templates increase your productivity in Office

officeatwork 365 enables Office users to easily and efficiently consume up-to-date company templates globally on any device or platform.

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officeatwork 365 and Office 365 templates increase your productivity in Office

Building company documentation like contracts and proposals using a basic document as a starting point and without brand or legal approved templates can be a challenging process. Some country jurisdictions will reject documents, even simple correspondence like letters, as legally non-binding if they are missing things like the correct company registration number or the name of the chairman of the board of directors. Knowing and applying the latest required branding and legal guidelines to produce compliant documents is a key priority in organizations.

The officeatwork 365 Template Chooser built for Office 365 provides users easy and instant access to the right and up-to-date templates directly within the Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. on all platforms and devices, globally and in a secure way.

The Template Chooser add-in does this by connecting your Office applications with SharePoint online, the place where you can professionally manage your templates, keeping them up-to-date using SharePoint's rich document management features. Securing access to templates is automatically handled and managed by Office 365 in a way that users will get secure access to templates they actually need.

Modern add-ins like the Template Chooser can be automatically assigned to users based on the security groups users are in. This means that when onboarding new users, they automatically get access to the Template Chooser add-in and the templates in SharePoint based on their departments and roles that get assigned to them.

officeatwork integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint and is a disruptive solution in the market and incredible value to our business - Filipa Preston, Founder and CEO, SOS

So, if you are looking for empowering your knowledge workers with up-to-date templates that they can easily access right within the Office application - then look no further and go and try out the officeatwork 365 Template Chooser today, by downloading it via the Office Store.