iWRITER 365, the way to use, design, manage and share all your company templates

iWRITER safeguards the corporate identity of your organization in all Word documents. By using smart templates and text blocks you keep control of all the information contained in your professional business documents.

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iWRITER offers you a complete and company-wide solution based on central managed brand compliant and fully automated Office templates including preconfigured designs, back-end connections and centralized role-based distributions. Just for one purpose - simply empowering your employees to create professional documents.

The iWRITER 365 add-in provides the ability to use, design and manage templates in a user friendly interface. Customizing and managing Word templates is possible without macro or programming skills. With iWRITER, even complex corporate styles are easy to use.

Creating a document is very easy:

  • Step 1: Create a document
    Users create and edit documents by using the corporate templates and building blocks. Through interactive question-and-answer fields, the missing data can be completed quickly and easily. The context of the user who’s logged in determines the corporate identity, header images and linked data such as addresses and telephone numbers to be used. This ensures that all documents comply with the corporate identity.
  • Step 2: Integrate data
    You easily add data from your own CRM system or other database, to ensure that all documents are automatically provided with the latest data from, for example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft SharePoint. Through links with various DMS systems, documents can be registered and stored centrally.
  • Step 3: Verify and generate documents

The documents, created with iWRITER, can be provided with initials and a signature, or even with an official digital certificate. After that, the documents can be released as docx or pdf.

One of the satisfied customers of iWRITER is Uticon, an engineering consultancy firm. An important challenge of Uticon was to save documents correctly in SharePoint. iWRITER makes it possible to use, design and manage all the corporate design templates and save the documents correctly in SharePoint. By using SharePoint and iWRITER, document processes run smoother, faster and error-free.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of iWRITER? Easy does it. The user experience is great! – John Rooijackers, IT manager Uticon

iWRITER is used in multiple branches including local public, trade & industry, education and healthcare. Working with iWRITER’s document management software provides Office workers with substantial time savings so that they can focus on their core business.

The iWRITER add-in is available for Word 2016 for Mac and Word 2016 for Windows.

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