Chillibreeze brings jobs to North East India with Office 365 and SideKick365 xRM Ultimate

Chillibreeze founders, Joanna and Ralph Budelman, aimed to build a sustainable IT business providing opportunities in emerging markets. They chose Shillong in North East India, a rural community saddled with unemployment. Ten years later, Chillibreeze is a 50-employee firm offering Microsoft PowerPoint formatting services to customers around the world.

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Chillibreeze founders Joanna and Ralph Budelman were intent on starting a company in rural India, where skilled technical workers are scarce. They needed an IT system that was low-touch and easy to maintain. They soon realized that with Office 365 and SideKick365 xRM Ultimate, they could replace most of their existing infrastructure, which included a mix of Basecamp CRM and Google Docs. And because Office 365 meets strenuous technology audits and provides the same security features as those afforded large corporate customers, Chillibreeze now stands in an elite category of vendors.